This week in CRM (17/02/2014)

CRM and related strategies and technology news from the past week featuring Gartner’s take on growth in the CRM industry and importance of data.

SAP aims to redefine CRM software

SAP intends to be the leading CRM software vendor soon, as it offers companies an integrated experience, based on the HANA in-memory technology, that extends into the e-commerce space.

5 Reasons Customer Relationship Management Is Still Hot

Gartner notes that it expects CRM spending to remain steady after three years of substantial investment driven by five established and emerging areas of technology. Those areas include:

  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Big Data
  • Cloud
  • Internet of Things

Turn Big Data into Smart Data: You’ll Have Happier Customers

The true power of big data, he explains, lies in creatively using advanced analytics to transform that ‘big’ data into ‘smart’ data and actionable business intelligence.

Does Your Company Need a Chief Data Officer?

As the name suggests, a chief data officer is responsible for governing enterprise data and leveraging customer data as an asset. That means overseeing how data is collected, analyzed, and secured.

The top 10 customer relationship management services

All the usual suspects and a couple of newer vendors.