News highlights this week (23/11/2014)

New capabilities for the Analytics Cloud’s Analytics cloud a.k.a Wave is aimed at a broader subset of business users beyond sales and marketing professionals, designed with a mobile-first experience for downloading data from any source.

Wall Street stalwarts such as Dun & Bradstreet and Thomson Reuters will be funneling in their data while Silicon Valley players such as IBM, BlueWolf and SnapLogic will follow up data integration capabilities — all for making sure more crunched analytics and insights are available for new and future enterprise mobile apps.

Four big data essentials for start-ups

Big-data products are generally targeted at large enterprises, and for good reason. They can be enormously expensive to initiate and operate, and therefore out of reach for the average startup or small business.

That’s changing, but fledgling firms need to answer some hard questions before embarking on a data-driven strategy. These include: Do I need a big data system? And what insights do I hope to gain from it?

Cloud computing adoption continues to accelerate in the enterprise

A recent study by IDG found that 69% of enterprises have either applications or infrastructure running in the cloud today, up 12% from 2012. The IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Study 2014 found that cloud investments have increased by 19% in large-scale enterprises (1,000+ employees) spending on average $3.3M a year. In 2015, 24% of IT budgets will be allocated to cloud solutions, with the highest percentage being allocated to SaaS models.