This week in CRM (31/01/2014)

CRM and related strategies and technology news from the past week

Oracle now gunning for Amazon, Salesforce

Database management system’s company Oracle Corp. is no longer interested in competing against rivals IBM Corp. and SAP AG, it’s now after the like cloud giants such as Amazon and Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, was answering questions 

Oracle’s Hurd: A ‘Once-In-A-Career Opportunity’

Mark Hurd explains Oracle’s strategy on cloud, marketing, innovation, and those pesky startup rivals. …. In that time, most of the company’s 20 or so acquisitions have been cloud-based, including RightNow (CRM software), Taleo (talent 

Everything’s moving to the cloud, even ERP.

CRM Watchlist 2014: For the 1st time ever: The Watchlist Elite, Part I

Today begins the CRM Watchlist 2014 reviews. The Elites get first dibs on the discussion – up first the vendor generalists – and Microsoft.

Why LinkedIn is the King of Contacts for Sales

LinkedIn is a goldmine for getting to know prospects before a meeting. Instead of walking into a meeting cold, you can find out a client’s work history, how long they have been in their role, where their role sits within the company hierarchy, where they went to school, personal and professional interests – even whether you back the same sports team.

Did NSA Use Angry Birds or Other Apps for Spying?

One of the first revelations by Edward Snowden, a former contract employee of the National Security Agency, involved the NSA’s use of popular services for data gathering. Among these services were Facebook and Gmail, which the NSA had been using since 2007 to obtain information on people around the world. Now, new information reportedly released by Snowden shows the NSA also tapped into mobile apps like Angry Birds and Twitter to collect data.

This week in CRM (25/01/2014)

CRM and related strategies and technology stories that caught our eye this past week.

FBI: Era of Big Data = Era of Big Data Thefts
The hacking of Target servers to obtain millions of passwords and credit card numbers may have been the most successful data breach in U.S. history, but the worst may be yet to come, warns the FBI.

Microsoft is still an enterprise software company (And that’s ok.)
Commercial “other,” meaning Enterprise Services, Office 365, Azure and Dynamics CRM Online: $415 million. Yes, it’s still early days in Microsoft’s transition to a devices and services company. But it’s still worth noting what’s missing from both the 

Salesforce: Pinning CRM Strategy to ‘The Internet of Customers’’s strategy is for Salesforce1 to fuel a golden age in enterprise apps by acting as a platform upon which enterprise customers and independent software vendors can develop and run new apps that are fully integrated into the Salesforce …

Lessons from the death of a tech Goliath
Seven years had passed since Oracle acquired Siebel, which created the customer relationship management (CRM) business, now dominated by Salesforce (CRM). I was the head … SAP (SAP), Oracle, and IBM (IBM) suffered through the recession as well.

The 2014 CRM Watchlist Award for Lifetime Achievement goes to….
The 2014 CRM Watchlist reviews start here. We begin them with the Lifetime Achievement Award winner for this year – They are kind of obvious to me at least, but let