Using a formula to assign points to different meeting types

In Salesforce, you can use a formula field to assign points based on the type of meeting. Here is an example formula that assigns one point for a virtual meeting, two points for a physical meeting, and three points for a meeting where product information was shared:

IF(Meeting_Type__c = “Virtual”, 1, IF(Meeting_Type__c = “Physical”, 2, IF(Product_Info_Shared__c = true, 3, 0) ) )

In this formula, “Meeting_Type__c” and “Product_Info_Shared__c” are custom fields in Salesforce that indicate the type of meeting and whether product information was shared, respectively. You can replace these field names with the actual field names you have in your Salesforce instance.

The formula uses the IF function to check the value of the “Meeting_Type__c” and “Product_Info_Shared__c” fields and assigns the corresponding point value. If the “Meeting_Type__c” is virtual it assigns one point, if it’s physical it assigns two points, and if the “Product_Info_Shared__c” is true, it assigns three points. If none of the conditions are met, the formula returns 0.

This is a basic formula which can be adjusted to account for whether the product information was shared during a virtual or physical meeting, for example.

You can then use this formula field in a report or a dashboard to display the total points earned by each account or opportunity based on the type of meetings.