Top 10 benefits of CRM for salespeople

CRM solutions often suffer from resistance to adoption. There are many reasons for this. This blog post from Lee Novak covers the top 10 benefits of CRM for Salespeople.

He compares a CRM solution to a navigation system which is apt.

“Would you board a commercial airline if you knew, 1) the plane was lacking a navigational system, 2) you would be flying to the busiest airport in the world without the aid of an air traffic controller or radar, and 3) the pilots would not have any radio contact to direct their take off or landing approach? Most likely not. CRM is not a fad nor is it a way for your company to act as BIG BROTHER! CRM is a navigational tool that, when used properly it will increase your profitability, productivity and enhance your customers buying experience. I believe that what you are really asking is, what is in it for you, the individual sales rep.”

He goes on to describe the top 10 benefits which can be achieved when a CRM solution is properly implemented:

  • Branding and marketing
  • Determining marketing and advertising effectiveness
  • Understanding customer buying trends
  • Insights into customer buying cycles
  • A 360 degree view of customers leading to better total customer value management
  • Telephony integration for an instant view of customer information
  • Management of customer retention and loyalty programs
  • Develop effective customer business plans
  • Salesperson performance and productivity
  • Instant reports and analytics

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