NGO case study

Many not-for-profit organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have benefitted from implementing To get an idea on what can be achieved we’ve highlighed key points from a case study from on the Family Service Agency (FSA) of San Francisco. The FSA, the city’s oldest non-sectarian, non-profit charitable social-services provider, needed a system to help program managers and clinicians manage data on 12,000 clients.

Amongst other objectives, management sought to reduce the agency’s paper usage, get easy access to data on key metrics, and address the requirements of more than 66 funders, such as ensuring that its records met the auditing requirements of its many funding sources.

The solution was centered around the development of a custom application which automated client and case management. The solution was rolled out to 215 users across the organisation and included extensive training for administrators and key users.

Benefits included streamlined and consistent reporting reducing time spent on report writing and report errors. Drill-down reports provide easy access to client and operational data at an individual or organisational level leading to quicker management awareness and intervention times. Reports can easily be generated for billing and reporting purposes. Productivity reports, which used to take two months to compile, can now be compiled in minutes. Printed materials can be produced with just a few clicks.

One of the largest transformations has been the benefits of the on-demand model for the agency’s case workers working in the field with clients. Previously, case workers spent nearly 50 per cent of their time on paperwork and reporting. Now, using Salesforce, they can access client records remotely, make case notes more quickly and easily, and track client progress over time. They have been able to increase their time spent directly with clients by over 30 percent, while also improving the quality of their work and enhance client recovery.

Here’s a look at the salesforce CRM features for nonprofits for nonprofits / ngos