Evernote and Salesforce.com

Evernote’s recent announcement on the integration between Evernote for Business and Salesforce.com is undoubtedly good news for users of both apps. In the context of large and small enterprises, however, it raises some interesting questions. These come immediately to mind.

1. Until recently Evernote was staunchly consumer-focused. With the release of Evernote for Business (at USD10 / month) has Evernote delivered a solid business-friendly edition? Is it robust enough to satisfy the security, high availability and general governance requirements? Especially so in large enterprises.

2. Given the integration between a structured-data application and an unstructured-data app how good is user experience and how well does it translate to tablets?

3. Can Evernote items be linked to all Salesforce record entities or only standard entities?

Any thoughts or first-hand experiences to share?

Zaheer Ismail