Connect, share and discover

It’s easy to become bogged down trying to deal with huge amounts of data and content. Add email volume into the mix and it’s clear that a better way is needed to manage information and data.

Chatter, embedded within, provides a number of tools to connect, share and discover. It’s facebook-style interaction for the enterprise without the privacy concerns. Chatter brings social media functionality to the enterprise.
Within an instance of users can follow other users, groups, data objects and other applications. For instance, if a User A updates a client record and User B happens to be following either user A or the client record then the update appears in User B’s activity stream.
Organisations which have implemented Chatter cite the following benefits:
  • Connections are exploding – more people are linking up and sharing information and expertise
  • Apps are brought to life – for instance, as deals are closed, the entire organisation can be made aware of such successes
  • Discovery unleashed – with increased visibility of updates, questions, etc the entire organisation is in a position to relate previously hidden information to existing challenges and opportunities
  • Sharing content – users can post new content: manuals, presentations, proposals, etc which can be instantly reviewed by peers and other experts
  • Actively engaging executives – it’s easier to engage with execs and receive direct feedback

All of the above without having to send or receive one email.

Zaheer Ismail