Chatter – Facebook for the enterprise – launched

Following the announcement at’s Dreamforce conference last November Chatter is now generally available to subscribers.
This represents a significant step forward in enterprise collaboration given Chatter’s tight integration capabilities with all things If you’re thinking this is the usual marketing spin consider some of the key features which include:
  • Profiles – users can create and maintain profiles including their expertise and current role, location, etc. Also useful for tracking new hires and transfers
  • Status updates – enough said!
  • Groups – create groups to collaborate on accounts, opportunities, projects, etc
  • Feeds – subscribe to groups, projects, people and follow their enterprise exploits
  • App updates – keep abreast of updates to application data: opportunities, accounts, contacts and even custom object data
  • Document sharing – works with content so documents can be shared and updates monitored
  • Security and confidentiality – works with existing data access & confidentiality rules
  • Social networks – plays well with other social media like Twitter and Facebook
  • Mobility – works on mobile devices as well
All in all, a very compelling offering!
Zaheer Ismail