Detecting patterns

This is how I imagine a future visit to a radiology department to be when AIs do the diagnostics.

You’ll walk into the radiology section and will be instructed to go to the booth. A disembodied voice will tell you where to stand and to position yourself.

After the scan that same voice will read out your diagnosis. If the AI does not understand your question you will battle to find a person to talk to. The only person who can really answer your question is the radiologist-turned-entreupreneur halfway around the world.

He would say something like: based on the pattern match of the size, shape and position of the blob found in your body you are likely to be suffering from the diagnosed condition. This was cross-referenced with the database of other humans who share correlated genetic markers.

A treatment plan might be generated or a referral will be made. If it turns out that the diagnosis was incorrect based on your response to the treatment then additional data points based on your profile will be ingested by the pattern recognition machine and deep learning network. This will improve the diagnostic and predictive capability of the machine.

Zaheer Ismail