Cloud computing trends

Cloud computing has matured over the last few years in some areas but is still emergent in others, especially in the enterprise space. What does the future hold? Here are some cloud computing trend predictions from the Structure Conference and the Cloud Leadership Forum.

By 2015:

  • Cloud computing will become a standard component of enterprise sourcing strategies
  • At least 30% of Fortune 1000 companies will deploy at least one mission critical system to the cloud
  • Cloud brokers will emerge to facilitate interoperability between established cloud providers
In addition:
  • Agility, scalability and cost will continue to be the major adoption drivers
  • Security, compliance and lock-in (lack of standards) are obstacles to adoption
  • Cloud computing will either have no impact on or will increase employment

While the lack of standards continue to hamper adoption many companies, especially smaller and mid-sized companies, are enthusiastic experimentors of cloud technologies. Established enterprises use cloud solutions for tactical or ad-hoc projects leveraging cloud elasticity and scalability and are moving secondary applications to the cloud. Newer companies are building their entire businesses in the cloud ushering in new business models.