Activity scoring using row-level report formulas

There are times when you want to assign a score to an activity, such as an event, based on the activity type.

For instance, for sales reporting purposes you might want to score a email interaction lower than a call.

One way of doing this would be to create a formula field which assigns a score based on the activity type.

However, there may be times when it’ll take too long to deploy a new formula field or you have a one-off requirement.

In these cases, you can use a row-level formula in a report.

To illustrate this, let’s use an Activity report showing Events and Activity Types.

Create the row-level formula field:

Add the formula:

The formula uses a Case function to assign a point score based on the Activity Type. In this case statement note that the Type field’s API name is TASK_TYPE.

After validating and running the report the report will contain a new column, Activity Score, which shows the score assigned to each activity type:

One disadvantage of this approach is that the formula runs in the specific report it has been created and cannot be re-used in other reports. Create a formula field if you want to use the scoring in more than one report.