Client relationship management

Client or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions allow you to manage the relationships you have with your customers, using a combination of people, processes and technology. It helps your business attain and retain happy customers. CRM is an overall strategy to help you to learn more about your customers and their behaviour so you have the skills to develop stronger, lasting relationships which will benefit both you and your customers. It’s impossible to manage a successful business without a strong focus on CRM.

Successful CRM involves many different parts of your company, starting with sales, but also involving various other customer-facing areas, like the marketing and customer service departments. We offer consulting services relating to cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based solutions offers numerous advantages over traditional software. Learn more about cloud computing.

Insightment has proven CRM expertise and experience encompassing:

  • CRM strategy & process design
  • Business case development
  • Enterprise CRM deployment
  • Change governance
  • Implementation management
  • Post rollout support

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